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How will the fax reception be?

Every time someone sends you a normal fax to your virtual fax number, you will automatically receive an email with the received fax as an attachment in PDF format. This is a simple, fast and eco-friendly system.


Can I use multiple email addresses?

Yes. Even in the yearly option, you can apply for up to 5 email addresses with no additional cost. Thus, the received faxes on your fax number will be sent by email to all the email addresses you want. Those email accounts will also be authorized to send faxes. You can also have a single email address to receive and authorize up to 5 email addresses to send. In the monthly option, there is no limit on the amount of authorised email accounts.


How do I send a fax?

It’s very simple. You must enter your e-mail service (webmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Entourage … ..)
– Click-on “new message”
– To: enter the recipient’s fax number followed by @mailfax.incotel.es (eg 0033320896523@mailfax.incotel.es)
– Subject: you have to enter the security code. This will be your secret code to prevent any other person sending faxes from your email account.
– Write the text or attach the file you want to send in PDF or WORD format . We recommend PDF format.
– Send.
After a few minutes you will receive an email with the result of your fax transmission.


How do I know if the recipient has received my fax?

Every time you send a mail-fax, you receive an automated report by email. If this report indicates that the fax transmission was successful, then we guarantee that the fax was received by the recipient.


What happens if the destination fax is busy or turned off?

Our virtual fax is programmed to automatically try the transmission three times. If the destination fax is still busy or turned off, you will receive that information in the report.


How to receive a fax from abroad?

One of the advantages of our Internet fax service is that it is an international service. Anyone, from anywhere, can send a fax to your fax number by adding the international code to your fax number. You will receive your fax by email as normal.


I travel abroad. Can I use my virtual fax service?

Obviously, mobility is one of the main advantages of virtual fax. When someone sends you a fax, you can see it where you are, just by checking your email account. And if you send a fax, you can do it as normal, from your email account.