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What is Virtual Fax?

It is an online fax system that allows you to send and receive faxes directly via your email account. It doesn’t need a fax machine or telephone line, it doesn’t waste paper or ink and with all the benefits of the Internet; economy, efficiency, mobility, availability, confidentiality and respect for the environment.


Why change my traditional fax?

Fax communication is important to business; however, conventional fax is quite limited (it needs a phone line, paper, toner, it has limited capacity to receive multiple faxes simultaneously, etc.) The faxvirtual.com service lets you keep this communication channel with your customers, as before, but enhanced by the benefits of e-mail. You save the cost of the fax machine, the phone line monthly fee, the paper and the toner… In addition you will gain in efficiency, privacy and mobility and, importantly, you will help to protect the environment.