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What is fax to mail?


What is fax to mail?

It is a system which enables fax emission and reception from any email account.

Forget about purchasing

The fax to mail do not require to buy a fax machine, landlines installation… As well as it will not be necessary the use of paper or ink, with all the advantages Internet leads to.

Huge flexibility

Enjoy all the email advantages with your fax. Your mobile phone will become into a ‘fax machine’ capable to send and recive fax from anywhere.

100 % sustanaible

Your fax to mail limits the use of paper and ink. With the Virtual Fax you only will print all those faxes you are interested in.


The Fax to mail is a mean as reliable and safe as it was the traditional fax. After the fax emission, you will receive an acknowledgement of reception which will confirm fax has been recieved perfectly.

How does Fax to Mail work?

Switch your current fax number

We can make the portability of your current fax number, the one everybody knows. If you have not a fax number yet, we will give you a new one. Your fax number will be a virtual number and it will send and receive faxes through the email. Forget about the fax machine.

How to send a fax?

You can send a fax from wherever you are. It is easy, you just have to send an email attaching the PDF or Word document that you want to send then forget about it. Your fax will be sent immediately and you will receive an email with the result of the fax transmission.


How to send a fax

How to receive a fax?

When someone sends you a fax from anywhere, you will instantly receive an email with the digitized document in PDF format. So you can check your faxes anywhere (office, airport, home) and at any time.


How to receive a fax

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Fax to mail Advantages

Unbeatable price

We offer you the best price in the market with unlimited incoming fax and 50 pages foro sending faxes for only 2,99€/month. Because you deserve it and we will keep making our best in order to maintain out comittment: offer you nothing but the best.  

Full freedom

Because we switch your current fax number or provide you a new one. It will be always up to you either stay with us or move on with another fax provider.

Free fax number without permanence

If you already have a fax number, we switch it from your current fax provider to Faxvirtual. We take care about everything and we do it for free.

Multiple email accounts

You could include 5 email accounts to send faxes.

Simplicity and Efficiency

With your email account you got it all. Your efficiency will improve thanks to the advantages for reading, filing and sending fax. You will avoid problems with paper disponibility, missing faxes, wasting time etc. Faxvirtual do not require any app.


Your fax will never be ouccupied, although with electricity issues. You would be able to recieve as much simultaneous faxes as you want. Your Fax to mail will be always avaible for you, no matter where you are.


When you receive your documents, nobody else will have access to them, keeping the secret in all your documents, even encrypting faxes.

Respectful with enviroment

Faxvirtual collaborates with the respect to enviroment as long as it does not take for its consumption paper neither ink. with Faxvirtual, you only will print all those faxes you are interested in and you will not consume electricity. Each time you recieve or send a fax, you will be being a little more sustanaible with our planet.

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Things you still don’t know about Faxvirtual.com

About the signing process

Can I keep my current number?

If you have already an active fax number, you can keep it and enjoy the Faxvirtual service.

It is understandable that you want to keep your fax number, because all your clients and contacts will already known it.

¡Oh, no! ¡My fax is gonna get lost!
What if during the switching number process to faxvirtual, an evil telecomunications get lost your fax number? You should not be afraid. Switching a numebr from one network to another is an usual process in telecomunications.

In additio, you will not miss your service in any moment. Until the date of switching, your number will keep running with your current provider and it moves to faxvirtual

Can I keep using my fax machine?
Your fax line will start to send and receive through your email, so you do not need the fax machine never more.

¿Nostalgia? No, it is called sustanaibility. You will save money with paper and ink…with a easier system.

Will i be punished if i rescind my contract?
Not at all. Here in Faxvirtual we only want satisfied clients; so that if you ever think your service performance is not good enough, you can go away as freely as you come.

What kind of company retains you against your will?

About fax emission and reception

Should the attached file be a PDF?
It is posible you can send faxes successfully with another kind of fil, but it is also posible they will not.

As long as experiments should be run with parents supervision, Faxvirtual recomend to send fax always in PDF.

Have I to create an specific email account?
It is not necesary to create new email accounts for the specific use of faxvirtual. It is said, you can habilitate already existing emails for sending and reception.

That seems to be the best option because they are supposed to be the most used emails.

How I know my fax has arrived?
After the fax sending, you will be reported by an acknowledgement of receipt, which asures you it was ok all along.
How i receive a fax?
You will receive a fax just the same way as an email. In your incoming emails there will be an email which all the dato about the sending. Attached, you will find the PDF with the fax content.
Can I send fax abroad?
Yes, you can send fax to Europe, USA and Canada.

We know you have been living at the edge of your seat wondering if faxvirtual were able to send faxes to North Corea. We promise you we are working on it…

What should i do to buy extra pages for sending?
You can buy them at our website #
I know, I know, but the pages will pass away afeter certain time, right?
No, your pages will not never pass away. You will manage your pages as you prefer.


For confidenciality nerds
With fax virtual you can encrypt your faxes, so that you will have a key for open them, avoing other people to have access to them.
Do you know the what is a Virtual PBX?
We can share with you two certainities

Although you do not know what it is yet, you eventually will.

It really fits with your business (whatever it is)

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