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Can I keep my current fax number?

We can convert your conventional fax number into a virtual fax number. This process is called portability and we take care of it at no additional cost.

What is the portability of a number?

The portability is a process in which your fax number goes from your current telecom provider to us, so you may enjoy all the benefits of our internet fax service, faxvirtual.com, and you don’t need to change the number. Your number stays available during the whole process, which normally takes about a week.

Should I apply for the termination of the subscription of my current fax number?

No, you have nothing to do.
When the portability process is completed, your current provider will automatically cancel your subscription and you do not have to pay him anymore for that service.

What happens with my ADSL connection if it is associated with my current number that I want to port?

If you have an additional service associated with your phone line such as an ADSL connection, for instance, you should ask your current provider to transfer it to another line before starting the portability process. Once the number is ported, your current provider will cancel all subscribed services related to that phone line.

And if the number I want to be ported is part of an ISDN line?

If your number belongs to an ISDN line that you want to keep, you should ask your current provider to convert the number you want to port into an independent line in order to port only this number.

What happens if I am not happy and I want to port my number with another telecom operator?

Although we believe in the quality of our service, we offer you all the freedom to choose which operator you want to work with. You will always be the formal holder of the number so you just have to ask for the portability of the number and continue using it with another operator.